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About Nalgonda

Nalgonda is also known as Nilagiri and is endowed with abundance of natural resources. Glimpses of historical saga can be gauged from monuments forts  and temples in Nalgonda which exhibit wonderful architecture and rule of various dynasties in the past.

Nalgonda has an efficient administrative network with both public and private sector contributing its bit to the economy of the place. Law and Order is managed by the police with Gram Panchayats in place to take control of Rule of Law in villages.

Nalgonda district comprises of 5 Divisions namely Nalgonda, Suryapet, Miryalguda, Bhongir and Devarakonda.

Information on Nalgonda

Fast Facts About Nalgonda

District Collector:  Sri T.Chiranjeevulu, IAS
Lok Sabha MPs from Nalgonda: Sri Gutta Sukhender Reddy and Sri Burra Narsaiah Goud.
MP Rajya Sabha: Sri Palvai Govardhan Reddy

Nalgonda has been ruled by myriad rulers from Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Bahamins, Qutubshah and the Asaf Jahi dynasty under Hyderabad state. Formerly, it was known as Nilagiri.

Geography of Nalgonda

Musi river

Nalgonda which is now a part of Telangana is located at 17.050°N 79.2667°E and has an average elevation of 420 metres (1,380 ft). Krishna river flows in the south and Musi river enters Nalgonda district from North West to join river Alair. It flows further for a hundred kilometres and joins river Krishna. Rivers Krishna, Musi River, Aleru, Peddavagu, Dindi Halia River and Paleru flow through the Nalgonda district.

Agriculture in Nalgonda

Major crops grown in Nalgonda district are paddy, jower, bajra, seseamum, groundnut, red gram, green gram, castor, chillies and cotton. Mango and citrus fruits are grown by those practicing horticulture.

Irrigation Facilities in Nalgonda

In Nalgonda the fields are irrigated from water coming from Nagarjuna sagar on Krishna river. It is a multi-purpose project and takes care of irrigation in the district. There are many more river projects such as those on river Musi and river Dindi, Asifa nagar project and Shaligowraram and Bhimanapally projects.

People depend on ground water for the purpose of drinking and other house hold chores. However, increased amounts of fluoride in ground water has led to disease called fluorosis among the villagers.

History of Nalgonda

Burials in the region of Tipparti, Nakrekal, Nalgonda reveal presence of Megalithic culture in Nalgonda. Mauryas too have reigned over this region after which it was the Satavahanas who ruled between 230 BC and 218 BC. This was the period when trading with European empire was established.
The capital of the Ikshvakus (227–306) was Vijayapuri. This is believed to be one of the greatest dynasties that ruled Nalgonda. This was also the time when Buddhism was propagated far and wide.

History of Nalgonda

After the Ikshvakus, it was a battle between Pallavas and Yadavas for ruling over Nalgonda region. The Vishnukundins ruled from first quarter of the 5th century to the first decade of the 7th century.

Chalukyas of Badami  reigned over the region for a considerable period till the Rashtrakutas took over reign from them. Later, after the reign of Rashtrakutas up to 973, it was the turn of Chalukyas of Kalyani to rule until the end of 12th century.

Nalgonda in the Medieval Period

During the medieval period, the entire region passed from the control of Western Chalukyas to the Kakatiyas. During Prataparudra's reign, in 1323, the kingdom was annexed with Tuglaq empire.

When Muhammad bin Tughluq was ruling the region, a part of Nalgonda was ceded to Ala-ud-din Hasan Bahman Shah by Musunuri chief Kapayanayaka. The region was again annexed to Bahmani kingdom during Ahmad Shah I's time.

Nalgonda History

In the year 1455, Jalal Khan became the king at Nalgonda. However, his reign did not last long as the region was brought back to the Bahmani kingdom. From the Bahmani Sultan Shihabud-din Mahmun Sultan Quli, the region went back to his son Jamshid. Nalgonda district was under the control of Qutub Shahis till the year 1687.

Present Day Nalgonda

The modern period involves rule of Mughals and Asif Jahis. Asaf Jahi I, known as Nizam-ul-Mulk defeated Mubasiz Khan in Berar and became an autonomous ruler of Deccan. Nalgonda district remained under the rule of Asaf Jahis for the next two hundred and twenty five years!

Today, Nalgonda is a part of newly formed Telangana state and has a growing economy. It is a tourist destination because of ancient forts and temples. Irrigation facilities are good and the availability of lime stone has led to cropping up of cement industries. The government is working towards improving the quality of ground water used as drinking water in Nalgonda which is believed to have excess of flourides.

Police in Nalgonda

Police in Nalgonda

The police in Nalgonda maintains law and order in the town. There are separate cells for registering complaints for women including women constables. Information Technology has made communication between various departments easy. The police of Nalgonda has successfully maintained law and order in the state. Police personnel also undergo training from time to time to keep up with the latest.

Police Control Room
AR Head Quarters, Clock Tower,
Nalgonda Ho, Near State Bank of Hyderabad, Nalgonda - 508001
Phone: +(91)-8682-222423

Police Station, Bhongir
Bhongir, Thurkapally, Nalgonda - 508116
Phone: +(91)-8685-233433

Yadagirigutta Police Station
4/167, Station Road, Yadagirigutta,
Near Yadagirigutta Bus Stand, Nalgonda - 508115
Phone: +(91)-8685-236733

Police Station, Mallepally
Mallepally Devarakonda Road,
Devarakonda, Nalgonda - 508248
Phone: +(91)-9440795604

Police Station, Miryalaguda
Miryalaguda, Near Ganesh Market,
Nalgonda - 508207 (Also serves Miryalaguda)
Phone: +(91)-8689-242633

Court in Nalgonda

The district court in Nolgaonda takes care of all the cases, criminal or civil at an initial stage from where it moves to the higher courts, if required.

District Court: Nyaya Seva Sadan
Bus Stand Way, Nalgonda, Telangana

Nalgonda Municipality

Nalgonda is an important commercial centre in Telangana state. Nalgonda town was constituted into a Municipality in 1941. It became a III grade Municipality under AP Municipalities Act 1965 and AP Municipal Corporation Act 1955. However, today, it is a 1st Grade Municipality. No canal or river passes through the Municipal area.

YSR Bhavan, Opp: Z.P Office Nalgonda
Phone: 08682-225549
Fax Number (With STD Code):08682-225549
Email id: nlgmcn2011@gmail.com
Website: https://cdma.telangana.gov.in/nalgonda/

Tourism in Nalgonda

Buddhist sites in Nalgonda are Phanigiri,Gajulabanda and Yeleswaram. Nagarjuna Sagar which is a popular Buddhist site, is named after Buddhist scholar Acharya Nagarjuna who set up a learning centre here.

Temples in Nalgonda

There are popular forts and religious sites in Nalgonda. Other popular tourist sites near Nalgonda include Ethipothala falls, Sri Laxminarsimha Swamy at Yadagirigutta (also known as Second Tirupathi), Bhongir fort, Deverakonda Fort, Sri Meenakshi Agastheswara Swamy (Wadapally),Sri Jain Mandir in Kolanupaka (an 800 years old temple!), Swayambhu Sambhulingeswara Swami in Mellacheruvu and Nandikonda on the banks of river Krishna.

Other tourist places in Nalgonda comprise of interesting, sight seeing and spiritual places such as Panagal temple in Panagal, Rachakonda and Pillamari Temple in Suryapet. In  Pochampally, famous pochampally sarees are woven which are exported all over the globe.

Today, agriculture and horticulture are primary sources of income in Nalgonda district. With the advent of information technology in various departments, the entire administration of Nalgonda district is gearing towards good governance and development. Nalgonda has grown infra-structurally, industrially and educationally with a number of professional institutions mushrooming in the district. Trained professionals have made use of employment opportunities that have been created due to setting up of new industries in the region. 

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